Well hello there lovely people!

I'm so glad you're here.

How would I describe my style? That's a tough one because, as is true in life, I don't feel like any of us truly fit in one 'box'.

I suppose you'll notice that I like to keep things true to colour in my edits, I like them to feel warm and I focus mostly on the love and connection you share with each other and your loved ones as well as the fun and laughter throughout the day.

Natural - Genuine - Joyful!

What you should expect in a wedding gallery from me:

Loads of natural, genuine moments captured in an unobtrusive way where possible;

Some gently directed bridal & couple portraits (Don't panic. I promise these won't be awkward! I prefer prompts over poses);

A good selection of 'detail' shots, showing off your venue and items of sentimental importance;

Lots of beautiful, timeless black and whites because I adore them;

A sprinkle of creative shots - if the occasion arises!

All these things together create a beautiful picture-story of your day. One that you'll be able to revisit for the rest of your lives. I want to capture moments that will instantly bring those emotions flooding back; the beaming smiles, the happy tears and the throw-your-head-back laughs!

Katrina xx

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Some Venues I've Photographed at...