Hey, I'm Katrina!

Wife to a lovely husband and mummy to two beautiful boys, a.k.a. the whirlwinds! I live in Richmond, North Yorkshire, and am a photo addict and professional memory capturer.

It gives me enormous joy to take pictures of others. I feel so lucky to be following my dream and doing what makes me happy, so thanks for being here and showing an interest in my work!

My love of photography actually started at a very young age - it just took me until my late twenties to realise I had a real passion for it. Six years ago (having owned countless point-and-shoots over the years), my husband bought me my first 'BIG' camera for my birthday and my 'proper' photography journey began! It soon became a running joke that, wherever I went, so did my 'big' camera, hence the name, 'Katrina and her Camera'. It's also a little nod towards how I like to keep things relaxed and fun; I find it's a nice way to relieve some of the pressure people sometimes feel when the word 'photographer' is mentioned. It's just me and my camera - nothing flashy (no pun intended!).

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How do I work?

I like to keep things pretty natural, both in the way I shoot and in the way I edit, because I think you are wonderful just as you are and that's exactly what I want to capture! Candid shots are my favourite (the ones that catch you off-guard, completely relaxed and authentic), so I usually just snap away whilst you do your thing. I sometimes give gentle direction (moving you into good light, or maybe suggest something fun to keep children engaged) but never anything that I wouldn't be prepared to do myself. I'm only 5 ft 2", so it's probably likely I'll have to stand on something to gain some height at least once in a session!! I mostly use prime lenses so move around quite a bit and I always end up laying on the ground, especially if I'm photographing children - pretty standard in this line of work. Oh, and I'm a sucker for a good black-and-white photo and LOVE a close-up detail shot.

Fun & random facts about Moi...

  • I am a chocoholic. Sweet over savoury, always! Dairy Milk is the way to my heart.
  • In my younger years I trained as a dancer and have a degree in Contemporary choreography. Dancing is in my blood and the dancefloor is my happy place! I can't promise I won't go into performer mode if I hear Tina Turner 'Proud Mary'. You have been warned...
  • A nice glass of G&T or Marlborough New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc are my go-tos after a long day. Also partial to a frozen margherita, or seven, with the girls.
  • I'm a sucker for a good view - Scotland, The Dales and The Lakes are my faves!
  • My performing background wasn't just dancing... I grew up working in the family Children's entertainment business. Once upon a time I was a professional Stilt Walker! My unicycling days are long gone but I can still face paint, juggle and pull off some great diablo tricks!
  • My husband planned an epic proposal when he asked me to marry him... it's a long story but it involved surprises and treasure hunt style clues! He really outdid himself.
  • I pick citrus EVERYTHING for cleaning products and candles. Clean washing is the best - especially when it's been dried on the line.
  • When I'm not taking photos I spend two days a week working in a primary school as a Teaching Assistant in EYFS.