Don't get stressed about the weather! What will be will be. None of us can do anything about the forecast so my advice is always just roll with it! I always come prepared for rain (with a few clear brollies to shelter you for any portraits we may decide to do outside) so if it does rain...try to embrace it! Come rain or shine, it will be an incredible day! (Anyway, rain on your wedding day is supposed to be lucky!)


If I'm with you for getting ready, I love to capture all the little details (or 'the bits and bobs' as I like to call them) and items of sentimental importance. It would be really helpful if you could have these things already set aside before I arrive so that I can quietly get creative while you're being pampered. Things like the rings, shoes, button holes/bouquets, perfume, jewellery, cufflinks, pocket watches and hip flasks, veil/hair piece...that sort of thing... even a wedding invitation if you like! Whatever is important to you.


Sometimes (not always!) it can get a bit chaotic on the morning of your wedding. Emotions are running high, whether it's excitement or nerves and it's easy for the space you're getting ready in to suddenly look like a tornado has whipped through... unmade beds, clothes thrown all over the place, used face wipes, suitcases that look like they've exploded - you get the picture! Haha. A top tip would be to nominate a couple of people to spruce the place up a bit! Make sure all those bright orange bags for life are hidden away, too! I promise it'll help you feel calmer, but also - your pics will thank you for it!


Try to get all dresses and shirts streamed or ironed a day or two before the wedding. The last thing you want to be doing is standing in a room full of steam - especially while hair and make-up is going on!

**Also a good idea to check all tags have been removed (or stickers on the bottom of shoes!)**


Loads of people don't *actually* know how to fasten a button hole properly, so I'm going to tell ya!

Step 1: Position the button hole on the jacket's left lapel near the pocket. (The size of the florals will kind of determine where it's placed - just see where looks right. Not too high, not too low.)

Step 2: Take the pin and place it on the UNDERSIDE of the lapel.

Step 3: Thread the pin up through the lapel, through the middle of the stems, and back down through the lapel. The pin shouldn't be seen from the front. Voila! (If that didn't make sense, I'll happily do them for you! It's usually one of my jobs on the day!!)


Have a little think about whether or not you want to give permission for guests to use their phones during the ceremony. Most couples ask friends and family to refrain from taking photos/videos during the ceremony so that they can be fully present; looking at your faces with their eyes - not through a screen. You're paying for me to be there, so please let me do my very best for you. The last thing I'd want is for someone's phone blocking your walk down the aisle! Whoever is conducting your ceremony will usually announce your wishes to your guests on your behalf - some couples even display a sign as a reminder.


Following from mobile phones; decide whether or not you want guests to share anything online. Again, most couples ask for their friends and family to wait so that they can announce their happy news themselves (which is usually where your sneak peeks come in!) but it really is personal choice. Do whatever feels right for you. Again, this can be announced to all of your guests at the start of your ceremony.


The day goes quickly; so walk through it S-L-O-W-L-Y! Savour every moment and give your guests time to enjoy seeing you both, too.

Let me explain...

This doesn't *just* apply to walking down the aisle - it also for your ceremony exit, confetti throw, couple portraits, when you're announced into your reception and even when you take to the floor to begin your first dance. TAKE. YOUR. TIME! It's amazing how many people RUN! And of course, this helps me massively with your photos (please and thank you) - especially as I spend a lot of the day walking backwards, haha!


Just while I'm chatting about taking your time - help a gal out and do the same with your first kiss, please! Don't rush it. I know some people find it a little uncomfortable showing PDA but it's your wedding day!! Give the people what they want - your guests will LOVE a good ceremony smooch! Hold it for a couple of seconds, pause to smile at each other (or maybe look at your guests) and then why not go in for another one?! If you're worried about it, have a little practise at home - you'll feel much more confident on the day.


You love each other, right? (You're getting married so I'm assuming that's a yes!) Please remember to hold each other's hands!! It's amazing how many people don't. Yes ok, I'm a hopeless romantic and I think it looks super cute on your photos, BUT it will also help you both settle the nerves and saves feeling like you've got awkward dangly arms, too while you're standing in front of everyone! You're welcome.


If you're doing confetti and would like to try and get some epic shots then I'd definitely recommend paper confetti. Why? Because it's light, it flutters and takes much longer to float to the ground than other types of confetti (such as dried petals). It comes in loads of colour options so you can even go as far as making sure it matches any colour scheme you might have. Just double-check it's environmentally friendly...most are nowadays, but biodegradable is best! (And check that your venue allow it before you buy any!)

Oh, and I have a cheeky discount code for YOUR CONFETTI - this doesn't benefit me in any way other than supporting a fab small business. So check them out for 15% off! I'll be ready and waiting to share the code with you.

Confetti alternative: BUBBLES! Bubble guns work a treat, and are a cute idea, particularly if you've got children coming to the wedding. They can play with them afterwards! Win, Win!


Use a basket/box/tin to put it in, so people can just grab a big handful. (Paper cones and little bags look really sweet, but what ends up happening is *those* get thrown at you, or people try to sprinkle the confetti from them and, well, it just doesn't work as well!)

I'd recommend the bigger stuff, too. Inch-round disks are great because they flutter for longer, and pick up really well on photos.

Also. Get LOTS! You can never have too much...If you have some left, we can always use a bit for the dancefloor!!!


If you're up for a bit of fun and fancy popping the cork for the camera then here's a little sneaky NOSECCO! The bottles look the same as prosecco (or posh fizz!) from a distance...and you're not really drinking it anyway so we don't want to be wasting the good stuff do we?!


Right trouser-wearers, I'm mainly looking at you here... PLEASE make sure you're only carrying the bare minimum in your pockets on the day, especially if you're in a slim-fit trouser. Where possible, pop phones or a debit card in your JACKET pockets (do you really need your entire wallet??) so that we can avoid those odd-shaped bulges (steady!!!) in the pics - at least until we've got couple portraits/groups shots out of the way. It just saves time asking everyone to empty pockets and pile everything up on the floor, or handing things over to other people...etc because it's pretty impossible to 'edit it out'.


You do you! Just because it's your wedding day, it doesn't necessarily mean you have to be on your best behaviour... Loads of my couples ask me if it's ok to do things they think might be fun on their wedding day and my answer is always YES! Remember that this is a celebration!! YOUR celebration. You're surrounded by all of your favourite people, who are there to wish you well and help you have the best day of your lives! Do whatever the heck you want; let your hair down, have fun and I'll capture it all. All madness embraced and all 'unusual' photo requests approved - no judgement here!


So this is for those of you who love to party! When it comes to having a packed dance floor, as the wedding couple, you guys set the if you want it to be bouncing, make sure you're on it!!

Also, if you're doing a first dance, the song that follows is super important! This is the one that will get everyone going and if you guys are dancing around like lunatics from the get-go, so will everyone else! (I'll be there to hype everyone up, too.)