First UP: Skeak Peeks!

I know everyone is always desperate so see the professional snaps, so I will send you some sneaks within 48 hours (depending on my diary commitments I actually aim for within 24 hours!) so that you can announce your marriage to the world on social media or send a few WhatsApps to anyone who couldn't join you to celebrate!

Next: LEt the editing begin!

Your wedding was the fun bit, but now the real work begins (not that this bit isn't fun, too...I love sprinkling my magic on your images!)

It's a bit of a lengthy process: out of the thousands images I take on the day, I narrow it down by individually selecting the best of the best. I then lovingly hand-edited every single image in my signature style which involves correcting lighting, shadows, contrast and colour imbalances; they may be straightened and cropped or transformed into black and white etc, etc...

Your memories are precious and extremely important to me so you'll appreciate why I don't like to rush them.

I aim to have full wedding galleries delivered to you within 8 weeks of your wedding (this may be slightly longer during the busy season, but I'll always keep you updated!).

THEN: Gallery Delivery DAy!

Yaaaaaay!!!! *HAPPY DANCE!!!!* Are you ready? It's time to relive your amazing wedding day again and again!

Your gallery will be sent to you via email link (as with your pre-wedding shoot, if you had one!) containing a password and download PIN. I leave it up to you to decide who you share your password with, and am more than happy for your guests to download their favourite pics of you - or any of themselves - at no additional charge. I only ask that you remind them to please tag/credit Katrina and her Camera when they share them online.


Best to use a laptop and external hard drive AS WELL AS backing them up to The Cloud or Google Photos (or equivalent).

THIS WAS Only the beginning: We're now officially friends for life!

Oh come on, didn't think you'd be getting rid of me that easily did you? Just because your wedding is over, doesn't mean we are!

After spending *THE* most special day together there's no way we're not keeping in touch! We'll have laughed together, probably cried together (I always get emosh at weddings!) and I'll have held your flowers and your dress, adjusted your button hole and joked with your friends...perhaps even felt like part of the family for the day.

Trusting me with your wedding day memories is not something I take lightly and the memories I capture for you become my memories, too. Thank you so much for supporting my small business and allowing me to live my dream. I am one lucky little 'tog!

Make sure you keep in touch! Lots of love, Katrina xx